What happens to people who live in a society that makes them feel ashamed of their love and those with whom they wish to share it, regardless of gender? What happens in a place where love itself isn’t valued as a human experience? After all, it’s only ‘love’.  Our basic human need to connect and our capacity for compassion is, for some communities, simply not acceptable.


India is in the top ten worst nations for LGBT rights. Same sex relations are illegal, but it is social discrimination that is felt most sharply. From the street to the household, many feel forced to hide for their entire lives or face the psychological and physical violence that ‘being out’ can bring.


Through portraiture from all shades of the LGBT spectrum, with their interviews brought to life through the voice of long time activist Laxmi. It's Only Loveis a multi-platform project that asks how our experiences in love shape our sense of humanity, while bringing to light the realities, both difficult and inspiring, of living with 'alternative' sexuality and gender ambiguity in modern urban India.