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#It's Only Love




SONAL & ANONYMOUS, ACTIVIST, identifies as Bisexual.

"My first love was in college, I finally realised why I had always been finding women attractive. I accepted I was in denial and now accepted myself whole heartedly.  My mind and body felt like heaven. I think I also grew to be very possessive as I thought it might not happen again. I got a bout of confidence and felt like I was finally living my life to the fullest. However the love did not survive its trial. We faced a lot of homophobia and the relationship broke. I was shattered but the good thing was that it compelled me to come out publicly which I did. Looking back I guess this was bound to happen since I was a person who could never have done a good job at hiding anything let alone my sexuality."





"My first love was in college. I found a seat next to her on our first day of the big college life. I did not pay any attention to her. I was too immersed in the freedom I had having to live outside of my hometown. But then the next day, I saw her. And her face was the only thing I remembered for the longest time after that. I did not know it was love. But I could not stay away from her. Strangely so, neither could she. Its an amazing feeling when someone loves you back. I was full. I was content. I was the happiest I ever was. My life and my thoughts did not hover around sexuality, acceptance, trials or society. I was in love and she loved me back. I had someone I could bare my thoughts and mind in front of. I could have shouted from rooftops that I was in love with her. I think she was too scared how much she loved me. It did not last but it told me about me. I still don't care about the world. I am in love and she loves me back :)"




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