GAZAL, Activist, identifies as Transgender. 

"...A psychologist I used to visit taught me Affirmations. She asked me to close my eyes and to say, with as much passion as I could gather - "I'm whole, complete and perfect. I love myself".

It wasn't easy to say that, because I had spent 25 years of my life hating my body, my identity, my SELF. But I started doing it anyway. I started repeating the affirmations, day after day, even if I didn't quite believe what I was saying.

Until one day... I realized that it sounded true. May be it had been the Affirmations or the reassuring love of my family and friends, but that day, I found myself filled with a quiet happiness, a surreal sense of knowing that everything is just right... and that I am, in fact, whole, complete and perfect..."