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#It's Only Love




SIDDHANT, IT consultant, identifies as Transgender. 

"It was in 2007 that I met my first Trans friend. That was the time I came to know about this word "Transgender". Earlier to that I always thought I was Lesbian...but I was very different from them... it was a big puzzle which finally got solved then. Realizing that I was actually transgender...and not a lesbian was a very last I had found my identity...the struggle that my mind was going through for so many years, had finally found its answer... I was at peace... A man trapped in a woman's body... So this is my identity...

I had a strong desire to transition... but due to mother's ill health & my family commitments I never dared to do that.. In 2011 my mother passed away due to a critical illness... I was totally shattered... that was the time that I took the decision to transition..I started my hormones treatment in May 2012...within 6 months changes started voice deepened, body started losing fats...and gaining shoulders jaw line broadened..facial structure changed.. I was on cloud happiness knew no bounds....

I felt like a new born baby..recently I have started getting facial hair..moustache & goatee...this is such a wonderful feeling... I feel like how I always wanted to feel since last 36 years...this is me...what I always wanted to be.. I feel strong...energetic...happy...and peaceful... I was never so happy ever...only I wish my Mom was with me happy her son is today..."


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