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Nagarock’ is an insight into what is undoubtedly the most popular sub-culture in the world. For its raw energy, its rebellious image and its tendency to shock, loyal Metal fans are far and few between, the world over. It is of no surprise that even in the remotest areas, where political strife has often lead to violence, Metal finds its place amongst the seemingly isolated youth. One such place is India’s little known North East region of Nagaland. The highly tribalistic state, associated with the practice of head hunting, facial tattoos and tribal warfare has been closed off to the world due to ongoing violence between freedom fighter groups, now turned racketeering organizations.


The state capital is knows as 'Kohima' has no official music venues, no official bars, and the city falls into near pitch darkness by 7pm, with soldiers and police patrolling empty streets. Yet ,Nagaland saw its first Metal festival in its local football grounds, pushing the noise limits all the way past the 10pm. Local bands such as ‘Putrid Bowels’ and ‘Fractured Skull’ as well as ‘Grungy Morphins’ from nearby Darjeeling fuelled small armies of die-hard metal fans. An evening of smashing bottles, chanting ‘Fuck your God’, all under the vagrant eyes of the ever-present military, suspiciously calm as gang violence erupts in the local grounds of the capital of this ‘dry’ and heavily Baptist and evangelical Christian state.


The first of its kind in the region, and for those who attended, a brief experience of nightlife out in the open, enjoying the music they love beyond the confines of friends houses and government run concerts. Metal in Nagaland is as out of place as an atheist in a seminary, yet weirdly, allows the youth in this secluded part of the world to easily affiliate to a part both. A tense and contradicting environment and another perfect place in which Metal continues to secretly take over the world.

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