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Bombay Breaks is day in the growing Breackdance coming up in India. A movement that is encompassing kids from the so-called slums, to the rich surburbs, from Delhi to Calcutta, Mumbai to Chennai, it has begun to take momentum accross the country with a few key players leading the way in pushing the culture forwards.


In Mumbai, the core scene is partly overseen by 'Ninja' , the offspring of a Bollywood stuntman and a Bollywood dancer, himself the student of one the first to bring the art form into the country,the now heavely mediatised 'Prosenjit Guy Kundu'.


Along with .B-Boy 'He Ra', Ninja  has taken part in pushing a charity called 'Tiny Drops' , where kids  are being schooled in the art of Breaking along with the various branches of Hip-Hop 's original elements. It's no surprise that with India's strong dance identity, breackdance has taken already captured the minds of many of the city's urban youth, Though much like in the early days of Hip-Hop, their expression may not be always appreciated or  understood.


Gathered in an old portuguese ruin overlooking the city, two crews meet to battle. In sandles, bearfoot, or in tighly laced trainers, with a mobile phone as soundsystem, they go head to head as the sun sets over the city. but its not long before security guards are called to disperese the group.


 With  interests  coming in from the world's Hip-Hop scenes and beyond and with Hip-Hop's true elements as foundation ,it shouldn't be too long before Breaking will also be a common part of the horizon of the ever evolving Sub-continent.  

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